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Our History

Heartland Café was started in 1986 at
940 2nd Ave NW. Calgary

For over 26 years Heartland Café has served the public with creative signature dishes and innovative creations. Our menu is a fresh interpretation of traditional, healthy, & flavorful recipes derived from whole food cooking, created with high-quality ingredients without additives or preservatives. The selection of wine, beer, and beverages complement the wide array of robust dishes that change seasonally to reflect market availability. Heartland Café was owned and managed by Ronald Swartz and Beverly Pell

Laszlo and Viktoria Radi purchased The Heartland Cafe & Restaurant in the summer of 2018.

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The building was built on the site where it is now, but, was at the back of the lot. It was built in 1902 by The Baptist Church.



The building stood vacant.



The building was purchased by Helmer Jacobsen for $500, he was a layman, who started The Gospel Chapel. He was also the Manager of the Lumber Yard, and the District Court Judge.



The house next door was the Redfern Residence, which was the Town Barber Shop. It then became the Jacobson Hall and was used for the Sunday School. At this time, the 2 steel rods were put in to better support the building. The interior had oak pews, a staged pulpit, and an Organ/piano. The stage area was also the Baptistery. The original floors, were theater style, sloping forward from the front. You can still

see the outline of the pews on the east and west wainscoting walls. During the war, many Young Okotoks Men going to war, were photographed on the front steps of the Church, because that was where the Bus stopped.



The building was run by the Evangelical Free Church.



The church was moved on to a new foundation at the front of the lot, where It now stands.



The bell from the tower, was sent to The Foothills Bible Camp, and the tower entrance was removed, a new entrance was erected at that time. The sloping floors were left intact under the new leveled soft wood spruce floor as you see them today.



The new Evangelical Free Church was built at its new location.



Carol Bowker purchased the old Church Building and opened the Bowker &

Scudds Garden Shop. The old Jacobson small house was removed. And the Divine/Eagle Building was erected.



Cheryl McMahon operated the very popular Old Country Store.




Feb. Ron Swartz and Beverly Pell purchased the building . At that time , the Town of Okotoks grandfathered the building allowing them to build and fit out the newest Heartland café. Under the clause nothing could be altered or changed Structurally. As a result, the historic nature of the building would be preserved.



Sept. The newest and third Heartland Café opened its doors.

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