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We love having special events. Please note some of the events we have coming up and be sure to book your reservation early. 

To reserve your tickets, please call us directly at

(403) 995-4623


Glitz and Glam



This New Year's Eve, let's celebrate with the flair of the fabulous, the energy of the excited, and the elegance of the extraordinary. Let's make it a night that glitters with possibility and gleams with the promise of the future. Welcome to the Glitz and Glam New Year's Eve Party at Heartland Café & Restaurant—where every moment is a gem, and every memory is golden.



EARLY (includes: Amouse-Bouche, Soup, First Main Course, Dessert): 3:30PM-6:00PM

Ticket price: $85/PP + 20% gratuity & GST


NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY (all six courses + glass of Champaigne): 6:30PM - CLOSE

Ticket price: $150/PP + 20% gratuity & GST


Welcome Amuse-Bouche:  

Start your evening with a selection of Homemade Amuse-Bouche, a collection of exquisitely crafted bites that set the stage for the night's culinary ballet.


Maple-Glazed Pumpkin & Feta

Begin with the sweetness of oven-roasted pumpkin glazed with pure maple syrup, adorned with crumbled feta, a touch of crème fraîche, and a sprinkle of toasted pine nuts for a delightful crunch.



Creamy Chicken Ragout Soup

Continue with a Creamy Chicken Ragout Soup. Enjoy the tender pieces of chicken and a bouquet of herbs and vegetables in a velvety broth that warms the soul.


First Main Course: 

Braised Pork with Truffle Polenta

Slow-braised pork to perfection, creamy polenta enriched with the luxurious aroma of truffle, and garnished with a crunchy pancetta crumb and caramelized apple.


 Second Main Course: 

Alberta Veal & Cinnamon Raspberry Madeira

Paired with celery root and tender shimeji mushrooms, finished with a unique cinnamon raspberry Madeira sauce.



Cappuccino Mousse

Conclude with a Cappuccino Mousse, a luxurious blend of rich chocolate and coffee notes, complemented by caramel layers and the fresh zing of pear and blackberry to bid adieu to the year.


*vegetarian option and other special dietary needs are available upon request.

To reserve your tickets, please call us directly at

(403) 995-4623


A Glitz and Glam New Year's Eve Party is more than just an event; it's an homage to the luxurious, the elegant, and the extravagant. It's an invitation to step into a night that reflects the sparkle we hope to find in the year to come.

To reserve your tickets, please call us directly at

(403) 995-4623

Here's what you need to know:


Date: December 31st


Time: Join us for an evening of celebration, starting with an amuse-bouche at 6:30 PM


Entertainment: Live DJ and festivities to ring in the New Year


Dress Code: Glitz and Glamour


Please note that once purchased, tickets cannot be cancelled. But we understand that plans can change, so if you find yourself unable to attend, you have the option to transfer your ticket to someone else. Just give us a call at 403.995.4623 with the new guest's details, and we'll take care of the rest by updating the reservation.


P.S. Remember to bring your festive spirit and appetite for a night that promises to be as sparkling as the champagne we'll toast with at midnight!

To reserve your tickets, please call us directly at

(403) 995-4623

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